By Kate Wilson and Dan Burgar

Imagine taking a walk on Saturday afternoon, four o’clock, in your downtown shopping district.

It’s quiet. The streets would usually be bustling, but now there are fewer customers carrying store-branded bags between locations. Some destinations have reopened, but many are still boarded up, slats of plywood covering storefronts from luxury outlets to sneaker shops. Each papered-up window is a reminder of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the retail industry.

Across North America, shoppers are turning to online orders to buy their products. National postal services have seen a significant increase in parcel…

By Kate Wilson and Dan Burgar

Cities have always been America’s centers of power, driving the economy forward through competition. Now, they’re ceasing to lead the country’s innovation.

As jobs and talent have clustered, expertise has spilled over urban boundaries. In locations like the Gulf Coast, Texas Triangle, Great Lakes, and Southern California, metropolitan areas are cooperating across borders to share new ideas. Eleven of these have earned the title of “megaregion” — and they host some of the continent’s cutting-edge centers of technology.

The Cascadia Innovation Corridor — the strip of land down the West Coast from Vancouver, Canada…

Kate Wilson and Dan Burgar

Kate Wilson is a B.C.-based journalist, and Dan Burgar is the Vancouver VR/AR Association President. Their bylines include TechCrunch, BC Business, and others.

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